About Us


To create an online e-commerce platform that offers the most affordable prices without compromising on quality, from the place you want planning to catering to a large customer base, and simultaneously serving as a catalyst for generating meaningful employment opportunities.


Our mission is to build a robust online e-commerce ecosystem that leverages innovation, technology, and strategic partnerships to deliver high-quality products at the most competitive prices, creating a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for our customers.
Simultaneously, we are committed to providing “income-generating” avenues for a diverse network of sellers, suppliers, and partners, thereby contributing to the overall economic growth and prosperity of communities we operate in. Our ultimate goal is to become a key enabler of affordable living for our customers while being a significant driver of employment generation in the e-commerce industry..

About Founder

Harsh Singh frame the idea of onlideals and is the founding director of the company. He is second generation entrepreneur. He has deep industry knowledge, focus on Niche and specialization in technology and innovation. His 20 years of experience in the same product category positions you with a wealth of industry knowledge, supplier relationships, and deep insights into customer behavior. Leveraging this experience, combined with a forward-looking approach to technology and customer-centric strategies, will be key to successfully launching and growing your e-commerce platform.

Action Plans